Achievement through Aspire Act Adapt

The Purpose Of This Website

Achievement with Aspire Act Adapt

At Aspire Act Adapt we help you move towards achieving whatever it is you want.

Here you’ll:

  • explore whatever it is that you want:
  • get organised;
  • identify what’s working or not, so that you can plan changes;
  • and follow through with action.

These three broad descriptive words cover disciplines that will help you achieve success…

… with more or less anything you want that is possible, however large the aspiration.

Also, we include information and practical ideas to make the most of our brains and minds.

Aspire, Act & Adapt For Success:
The Process Of Achievement

Put another way, the Aspire Act Adapt website is about the process of figuring out what you want, why you want it, and what you need to do to get there.

It’s about designing the future deliberately, and then getting on with creating it!

  • Aspire – you know what you want to achieve and can describe it in enough detail to be confident, and understand it well enough to be able to make useful decisions.
  • Act      – is about getting organised, taking action by creating and following a plan, and staying motivated. Your actions will lead to progress;
  • Adapt – is about collecting and evaluating feedback; investigating what worked and what didn’t, and planning accordingly. Then moving on towards getting things done. Adaptation is the key to continuing to make progress when you learn that specific actions aren’t working as well as you might like.

Doing What It Takes

Over the years, many people who are recognised for achieving world-class success have been asked for their opinion on how much their mind and mindset, as opposed to physical skills, contributed toward their success.

All attributed 70% and more of their success to their inner mind skills, and 30% or less to external physical skills!

Yet here’s the thing. Most of us put most of our time and energy into deliberately training essential external skills, and very little time (if any) deliberately developing the enormous potential of our minds.

So, in addition to the processes introduced above, achievement involves aspects of mindset, awareness, commitment, focus, determination, persistence and productivity.

The Brain’s Software

If we think of the brain tissue as being similar to a computer’s hardware, then the measurable (electrical) activities of the brain, are akin to computer software programs.

I’m sure you are already well aware that a proportion of the mind’s functions provide conscious awareness and thinking abilities which are commonly referred to as the “conscious” mind.

The rest of the mind, Freud called the “unconscious”, and others have called the “subconscious” (my preference). However, there is nothing at all unconscious, nor sub-anything about its functions… it is just that it exists for the most part below the surface, or outside of our conscious awareness.

At any moment we have very little conscious awareness of our subconscious operations, although we do experience the results all the time, sometimes consciously.

Ironically (given the name we give it) our subconscious mind is in control of more or less all that we do; most of which are run on autopilot!

Even when we think we have control, we mostly don’t.

Self-tuning Your Mind

Mind tuning is about:

  • The mind (of course);
  • Tuning (as in preparing a musical instrument or a car engine for example) to optimise performance (efficiency and effectiveness);
  • Self is about you, yourself or, if you prefer me, myself. The only person who has direct access to the control and use of my mind is me. The thing is, the only person who has relatively easy direct access to your mind is … drum roll … you!

For clarification; the concept of ‘self’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘alone’ so much as taking personal responsibility. We are all:

  • influenced by experience, especially in relation to other people… if we allow them to influence us;
  • learning and picking up ideas from other people… if we allow learning to take place;
  • developing beliefs and habits that reside in our subconscious mind… whether they prove to be useful to us or not.

In reality, after about 7 years old, any thoughts we have or changes we make in our minds, whether they serve us or not, can, if we choose, be totally under our control and are best considered to be our responsibility.

By the time we reach adulthood, we are, through our choices, the only person who tunes our own mind!

Articles about the mind here will explore:

  • levels of self-awareness;
  • a practical understanding of how the mind works;
  • learning to quiet (better control) the ‘monkey mind chatter’ that we all experience;
  • choosing to control our minds, or not;
  • changing limiting beliefs into something more useful and empowering;
  • using the whole mind to design our future;
  • above all, creating a foundation for improved performance and future success.

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  1. This is a very good article Richard and, although not a long post, very poignant. I took a lot of notes and smiled at the positioning of the words. Concise but direct in meaning. It’s clear what the path to success is and one only needs to follow that path. You are a good mentor and I am trying to be a good student.


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